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What does it mean to be 10% Braver?

By Kiran Satti  @miss_k_sunray3

Overcoming a fear.

To care.

Following your heart.

To speak up.

Paving your own path.

Stepping in to the unknown.

Being brave isn't always doing that one amazing thing. It's the culmination of all those brave steps you take to get to the amazing thing or overcome the next challenge. Being 10% braver – taking those incremental steps has been a powerful tonic for many women aligned with the WomenEd values.

When I joined the WomenEd community, I was a class teacher with a TLR in Science. 7 years later, I have embarked on my next amazing thing – becoming a Deputy Principal! Along the way, I have excelled leading Reading and English – my absolute passions in Primary Education and developed my confidence beyond my belief.

It has not been plain sailing – from far it – but the one thing that has helped me steady my ship are the connections in the WomenEd community. They've reminded me of what I have overcome, my worth, my skillset, how brave I am, how confident I can be, how inspiring I am…

WomenEd is the place where you can find your Barbie crew, where you can channel your inner Elle Woods and follow your heart; channel your inner WonderWoman and step into the unknown; channel your inner Malala and speak up… it is a true community where you can belong. You do not have to dull your shine, know your place or silence your voice to feel you belong – it is an empowering community that will help you find your sparkle when you're lost at sea and reclaim your path; it will elevate and amplify your voice through the many opportunities it facilitates.

In WomenEd's 9th birthday month, I invite you to be 10% braver – however small you believe your achievement to be, please share it. Make sure you acknowledge your small wins on your journey to the next amazing thing.

And if you lose your way to empowerment, you can trust WomenEd is here encouraging you to continue to be 10% braver.

I am excited about my next chapter as Deputy Principal within Oasis Community Learning.

Thank you for continuing to believe in me, support and truly empower me, WomenEd.

Happy Birthday x

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Monday, 24 June 2024

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