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What exactly is #EdTech Leadership? #WomenEd Tech

What exactly is Edtech Leadership?

By Neelam Parmar @neelamaparmar1 LinkedIN

Welcome to the first of SEVEN blogs from attendees of our inaugural #WomenEdDigiMeet held last week, which we will publish over the coming days.

First up, we have Neelam, who asks what makes a #EdTech Leader?

I have had this question posed to me many times. For anyone interested in a #EdTech leadership role, it is first important to understand what it really means.

#EdTech leadership refers to the leadership and management of educational technology and its integration into schools, the curriculum, and instruction within educational institutions. The goal for #EdTech leadership is to be able to effectively integrate technology – and innovations – into the educational process to improve teaching and learning outcomes, as well as offer transformational learning opportunities for all.

Sometimes this is simply the understanding of how to use a #EdTech resource for use of it within T&L to a wider remit for the migration of data/systems from one application to another.

How do I know if I have the qualities to be a #EdTech leader?

Good #EdTech leaders have the following traits - these don't happen overnight and take years of experience, practice, and knowledge to achieve them:


#EdTech leaders have a clear understanding of the potential of #EdTech and can articulate a vision for a shift in digital mindset, culture, behaviour and attitudes for an organisation. They need to be able to paint a picture and bring it to life.

Strategic Thinker

A #EdTech leader should be able to think strategically about the integration of educational technology across schools to develop and meet the aims and objectives of the vision. They need to be able to execute.

Technically Knowledgeable

Although a #EdTech leader does not need to be technically minded, he/she needs to have a strong understanding of the technical applications in education and how they work across the organisation ecosystems. Think of Lego and the building blocks of an organisation.

Collaborative and Adaptable

A #EdTech leader needs to be able to adapt to changes in technology, stay informed on current trends and share best practices as well as have strong communication and collaborative skills to pass on this knowledge to teachers, students and all users. They need to be empowering.

Student-Centric and Data-Driven

#EdTech leaders need to be able to use data to inform decision-making for the impact of #EdTech initiatives on T&L, prioritising the use of technology to enhance student engagement and motivation. They need to be able to use data to provide insights.

I like what I am reading so far – can I become a #EdTech Leader?

Anyone who has a passion for education and technology and has the ability to work with people, think strategically, and most importantly is willing to continuously learn and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of #EdTech can become a #EdTech leader. 

Having strong leadership skills and the ability to inspire and motivate teams are essential for the role and mature over time. 

It goes without saying that having a strong understanding of pedagogy and the ability to implement technology within teaching practices is a key factor in becoming an exceptional #EdTech leader.

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