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Gender stereotyping occurs when we ascribe differing attributes to people depending on their gender, and this can occur from the moment we are born: 'Subtle cues about “manly” and “ladylike” behaviours, from the moment of birth, mould our behaviours and abilities...' (BBC)

These stereotypes impede our abilities to flourish and to become our best selves.

'“Harmful” gender stereotyping has helped fuel the UK mental health crisis afflicting the younger generation, an influential report has warned, adding that it is at the root of problems with body image and eating disorders, record male suicide rates as well as violence against women and girls.' (The Guardian)

Gender Stereotyping Resources for You to Explore


How our female athletes feel forced to choose between a ‘strong’ or ‘feminine’ look (The Conversation, August 2023)

Women in Leadership Face Ageism at Every Age (HBR, June 2023)

Labeling Women As ‘Emotional’ Undermines Their Credibility, New Study Shows (Forbes, Nov 2022)

Study Shows Moms Who Earn More Than Dads Do More of the Housework (, April 2022)

It's not bad to be a badass (Innovate Journal, p10, Gioja Morasch, October 2021)

Finding our way out of the glass labyrinth (Innovate Journal, p.25, Anne Marie Luce, October 2021)

Gender Bias (New York Times Opinion, 14th October 2021)

Girls are ready to overcome gender norms but society continues to enforce biases that hamper their creative potential (, 11th October 2021)

How Much is a Little Girl Worth?" Teach girls that their anger is a valuable weapon in defying, disobeying, and disrupting patriarchy (, Mona Eltahawy, 19th September 2021)

Gender and the Dynamics of Economics Seminars (Stanford, Pascaline Dupas, Alicia Sasser Modestino, Muriel Niederle, Justin Wolfers, and the Seminar Dynamics Collective, 4th May 2021)

New research on the disparity between male and female developmental feedback featured in Harvard Business Review (Queen Mary University, 16th February 2021)

Gender stereotyping is harming young people's mental health, finds UK report (The Guardian, Rebecca Smithers, 15th December 2020)

We Are Women: Hear Us Roar (Before We Quit) (Forbes, Anita Sands, 13th October 2020)

Never Apologize for Being a Strong Woman (LinkedIN, Andrea Heuston, 11th December 2019)

The sexist myths that won't die (BBC, David Robson, 1st October 2019)

We have got to stop saying sorry! (TES, Vivienne Porritt, 25th September 2019)

Turning preschool into a pipeline for female engineers (Monash University, Marilyn Fleer, 20th March 2019)

Drawing the Future:Exploring the career aspirations of primary school children from around the world (, Nick Chambers, Elnaz T. Kashefpakdel, Jordan Rehill and Christian Percy, 2019)

In praise of loud women – the joy and power of being noisy and female (The Guardian, Viv Groskop, 6th November 2018)

Implications of Gendered Language when applying for jobs (The Guardian, Vivienne Porritt, 19th June 2018)

The Different Words We Use to Describe Male and Female Leaders (, David G. Smith, Judith E. Rosenstein, and Margaret C. Nikolov, 25th May 2018)

Stereotype Content: Warmth and Competence Endure (Current Directions in Psychological Science, Susan T. Fiske, 2018)

Gender stereotypes about intellectual ability emerge early and influence children’s interests (, Lin Bian, Sarah-Jane Leslie and Andrei Cimpian, 27th January 2017)

Allow me to womansplain the problem with gendered language (The Guardian, Arwa Mahdawi, 23rd April 2013)

Children’s career aspirations limited by gender stereotypes and background (UKEdChat)

Evidence That Gendered Wording in Job Advertisements Exists and
Sustains Gender Inequality
(Journal of Presonality and Social Psychology, Danielle Gaucher and Justin Friesen and Aaron C. Kay, 2011)

Gender Balance at Every Forum: The Panel Pledge (

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