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#WomenEd Blogs

From Label to Leader: My Story of Inclusive Language, Identity and Diversity #InspireInclusion
Nicole O'Connor
by Nicole O'ConnorTwitter LinkedIn Labels and identity are a staple of Northern Ireland's cultural landscape and are deeply politicised. The use of labels can often be contentious and weaponised, making them a complex form of personal expression. For me, my relationship with labels has been far from linear. For many, their labels are inherited and ...
Muddy Boots
Sandra Patterson
10% Braver
by Sandra Patterson @sandyZPatterson LinkedIn Today, like most Sundays, I collected my niece from her mum and brought her to my home for dinner. This usually means that my daughter and I can go for a nice walk in the forest near their home before collection.  However, this week my daughter was feeling tired and stayed at home and I had a ...
Six reasons to be grateful for #WomenEd
Vicky McKinlay ​
by Vicky McKinlay @vmckinlayfcctLinkedIn 1. Through attending #WomenEd events I have gained a greater awareness of the issues that women face in education, e.g. flexible working, and I have taken personal action to be #10%braver. My first experience of a #WomenEd event was when I was invited to the #WomenEd North West England Unconference at BCHS i...
Violence and abuse haunt women globally
Vivienne Porritt
General Blogs
by Vivienne Porritt @ViviennePorritt The images and the experiences of women and children in Gaza shock the whole world and yet it continues and is worse each day. Looking globally, we see a picture of women's rights being systematically eroded and I certainly wonder what else can we do? We must do all we can when we read the details of life in Gaz...
Equity and Equality for Recruitment and Retention?
Nasima Riazat
by  Nasima Riazat @NSRiazat How can we be mindful of equity and equality as leaders? What is the difference between the two and how can we develop our existing practice, in view of DEI (Disability Equality & Inclusion) considerations, to remove potential barriers so we can retain talent and support recruitment practices? In this blog ...
Keziah Featherstone
General Blogs
by Keziah Featherstone @keziah70 WomenEd has been reflecting a great deal on the coroner's inquest into the death of the Ruth Perry. The inquest ruled that the Ofsted inspection contributed to the death of head teacher Ruth Perry. As a charity, we focus on our charitable objectives to support and elevate women educators and leaders across education...
Pay it Forward
Heather Reneé Spaeth
General Blogs
by  Heather Reneé Spaeth I am very privileged to have had excellent leader role models in my life.  In recent years, I have been advised that being a leader means you'll be lonely, but I don't think that this has to be true. I have built an excellent personal network of diverse, strong women and femme leaders across the globe. They are my...
A Heartfelt Thanks to #10%Braver
Laura Gregory-White
by Laura Gregory-White  @l_gregory_white When I watched the wonderful videos of thanks shared by #WomenEd, I immediately knew that what I was thankful for was the empowering movement that is #10%Braver. For me, #10%Braver isn't just a tagline; it's a philosophy that I have embodied to help navigate the choices and opportunities that ...
A Haven of Hope: Giving Thanks for My School Community
Clare Evans
General Blogs
by Clare Evan  @ClareEv40077283    As a teaching principal navigating Northern Ireland's cost of living crisis, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my team's unwavering commitment, despite the persistent pay disparity compared to their counterparts.  The unwavering support and courageous leadership within #WomenEd NI have b...
What is Equal Pay Day, 2023?
Vivienne Porritt
Gender Pay Gap
by Vivienne Porritt   @ViviennePorritt This is my 5th annual blog on Equal Pay Day for the UK which this year, is on 22nd November. Equal Pay Day in the UK denotes the day when women, on average, effectively stop earning relative to men because of the gender pay gap. This means that women are working for nothing for the rest of the y...

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