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Honouring Parm Plummer: A champion for #WomenEd Northern Ireland
#WomenEd NI
General Blogs
by #WomenEd NI @WomenEdNI From all of us in the #WomenEd NI network, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Parm Plummer for her dedication and support to our community. Many in our network might not realise the extent of Parm's behind-the-scenes efforts, but her contributions have been invaluable to us. Regardless of the time, Parm has always ...
An Amazing Woman
WomenEd GSL
General Blogs
 By WomenEd Global Strategic Leaders We are very sad to say goodbye to Parm Plummer as a Global Strategic Leader and Trustee of #WomenEd. As is the case for many school leaders currently, Parm's workload has increased which has caused her decision. We are delighted that Parm will continue to support network leaders in Jersey and Guernsey until...
What does it mean to be 10% Braver?
Kiran Satti
10% Braver
By Kiran Satti  @miss_k_sunray3 Overcoming a fear. To care. Following your heart. To speak up. Paving your own path. Stepping in to the unknown. Being brave isn't always doing that one amazing thing. It's the culmination of all those brave steps you take to get to the amazing thing or overcome the next challenge. Being 10% braver – taking thos...
The Language of calm leadership
Denise Freeman
by Denise Freeman @geography_DAF Recently, I took on a leadership role that has really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I began a journey that has already taught me so much and forced me to reflect on so many things that I do, including the way I use language and the words I use. It has become much more habitual to think about my language, to cons...
#WomenEd Hungary - Our First Unconference!
Charlotte Ward, Sofia, Nicholas Webber & Rohini Vaja
General Blogs
by Charlotte Ward (@misscharteach), Sofia, Nicholas Webber & Rohini Vaja Organiser Perspective - Charlotte On 27th April, after a year of hosting termly events of a few hours, #WomenEd Hungary held their first full-day event!  Discussions started in Nov/Dec and planning for the day really got underway in January. Once the Internationa...
Happy birthday, my dear, dear friend
Kerry Jordan-Daus
General Blogs
by  Kerry Jordan-Daus Twitter   LinkedIn Well, 9 years old – haven't the years just flown by? The cover photo is from 2016! Digging into my photo album, I also found this photo. What a journey we have been on together. Friendships formed, mentoring, advice sought, and so many coaching conversations. Thank you. You've been there ...
You were 10%Braver - Congratulations!
Kiran Satti and Vivienne Porritt
10% Braver
by  Kiran Satti and Vivienne Porritt  @Miss_K_Sunray3 @Vivienne Porritt May is WomenEd's Birthday Month: we will be 9. Sunshine, blooming flowers and endless possibilities: this pretty much sums up the beauty and power that is #WomenEd. Throughout the month of May, we will be celebrating the successes and achievements of our community as ...
Being a Gender Equality Network Lead in Oasis Community Learning
Gemma Bolton-Hale​
General Blogs
by  Gemma Bolton-Hale  Twitter   LinkedIn In today's society, the role of a Gender Equality Lead in any organisation is more important than ever. As we strive towards creating a more inclusive and equitable world, it is imperative that multi- academy trusts such as Oasis Community Learning play a pivotal role in fostering gender...
Blagg-ing It: Notes from an exhibition in Cheadle
Tracey Leese
by Tracey Leese     Twitter During the recent school holidays I took my sons to see an exhibition which celebrated the engineering STEM work of Mary Adela Blagg (1858- 1944).  Blagg lived in the market town of Cheadle in Staffordshire her whole life, having taught herself mathematics by reading her brother's text books – and dur...
Reclaiming Feminism by Centering Student Voices
#WomenEd Deutschland
General Blogs
by #WomenEd Deutschland Twitter Since #WomenEd Deutschland was founded in 2018 many events have taken place in person and online. Regional groups have been established in Munich, Frankfurt, and the Nord-Rhein Westphalia region. Over the years events have evolved away from focusing on developing skills women in education need to fit into existing in...

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