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10% Braver Blogs from WomenEd

What does it mean to be 10% Braver?

By Kiran Satti  @miss_k_sunray3 Overcoming a fear. To care. Following your heart. To speak up. Paving your own path. Stepping in to the unknown. Being brave isn't always doing that one amazing thing. It's the culmination of all those brave steps you take to get to the amazing thing or overcome the next challenge. Being 10% braver – taking thos...

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You were 10%Braver - Congratulations!

by  Kiran Satti and Vivienne Porritt  @Miss_K_Sunray3 @Vivienne Porritt May is WomenEd's Birthday Month: we will be 9. Sunshine, blooming flowers and endless possibilities: this pretty much sums up the beauty and power that is #WomenEd. Throughout the month of May, we will be celebrating the successes and achievements of our community as ...

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Muddy Boots

by Sandra Patterson @sandyZPatterson LinkedIn Today, like most Sundays, I collected my niece from her mum and brought her to my home for dinner. This usually means that my daughter and I can go for a nice walk in the forest near their home before collection.  However, this week my daughter was feeling tired and stayed at home and I had a ...

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A Heartfelt Thanks to #10%Braver

by Laura Gregory-White  @l_gregory_white When I watched the wonderful videos of thanks shared by #WomenEd, I immediately knew that what I was thankful for was the empowering movement that is #10%Braver. For me, #10%Braver isn't just a tagline; it's a philosophy that I have embodied to help navigate the choices and opportunities that ...

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A Resilient Female Educator THRIVES, she does not just SURVIVE

by Farzana Akther  @miss_f_akther When I first started teaching, I thought the definition of resilience was to just power through and keep doing more and stay up late working no matter how tired I was. I trained my mind to believe you are being resilient, keep pushing through, you can do this. Now when I look back, my definition of resili...

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Mammy, what way does 10% Braver work?

by Mairéad Mhig Uaid @MaireadMhigUaid 'Mammy, what way does 10% braver work?' my nine-year-old asked. 'I suppose it all depends on your starting point,' came my sluggish reply as I thought back to when we began the #WomenEd Northern Ireland network over four years ago, and I remembered me, then. I'd been working in education for over 20 years....

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Discover Your Inner Power: Creating Success on Purpose

by  Harroop Sandhu   Twitter  LinkedIn Have you ever felt that you needed a little extra courage to pursue your dreams? I know the feeling. When I ran my first workshop at the 2023 #WomenEd's Unconference, I was confronted with challenges like train strikes that threatened to derail my plans. I could have easily turned back, but...

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Overcoming Failure through Quiet Kindness

by  Angela Schofield @DeputySchofield  Kindness – the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Never more needed than when things are going wrong. So today, I want to talk about the F word. Failure.There are a lot of supportive conversations around failure, and I absolutely agree that failure is a learning moment. There'...

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Attending a #WomenEd Event on Jersey: Leading with Courage

By Elaine Walker  @ewalkerbyrne As a former journalist, I always loved writing my weekly parenting column, apart from the time I had all three children off with chicken pox and the feature editor chasing me for my column! So when the communications team asked colleagues to blog a bit more, I decided I would seize the opportunity to delive...

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Be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable

By Lucie Ager   @lucie_ager On 30th January, 2023, #WomenEdSE hosted an amazing and inspiring event for #WomenEd at my workplace. I planned the style of the event to a tee, from creatives and catering to the finer detail of purple and grey balloons; the colours of #WomenEd's logo. The room, filled with 70 or so women leaders and two of my male...

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New Year, New #WomenEd Tech - Finding a Safe Space for all Women in EdTech

by Bukky Yusuf @rondelle10_b and Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach Who We Are, by Bukky Yusuf In 2013, when I started my whole school leadership role, enhancing teaching and learning using mobile devices, I looked to connect with other educators that had current #EdTech (Educational Technology) experiences.  However, I struggled to find women worki...

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What #Being10PercentBraver means to me

by Mel Greenwood     @MelGreenwood1 The moment that I came across this phrase, I loved it because it embraces a mindset that is resilient and gritty. The phrase is now a part of not only my internal monologue but I use it as a challenge to other people - women, men and young people - in my life. For me, #Being10PercentBraver is a call to ...

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Leading with confidence - 10%braver in action #SeatAtTheTable

by Kate Claydon     @KateClaydon The role of a headteacher is the most privileged within our profession.  You have the opportunity to shape the culture and ethos of your school, determining not only the academic outcomes of your students but also developing their characters, confidence and understanding of values; sowing seeds that w...

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Becoming Braver from the Inside Out

by  Jaya Hiranandani   @mshiranandaniLast week, I opened my Twitter after a few weeks (two weeks of Spring Break followed by a week of online learning at work can do that to you) and found that I was tagged in an important post by #WomenEd about their 7th birthday celebration with some amazing people. So like any normal human, I retweeted...

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The Sledgehammer

by Rona Grant  @RonaGrant My thoughts on "10% Braver: Inspiring Women to lead Education" It was an unremarkable Tuesday afternoon when it made its arrival. A loud smack as it hit the tiles in an overly extravagant amount of heavy packaging, causing the dog to raise his head and growl at the rapidly retreating delivery van. I was in the middle ...

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