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From Label to Leader: My Story of Inclusive Language, Identity and Diversity #InspireInclusion

by Nicole O'ConnorTwitter LinkedIn Labels and identity are a staple of Northern Ireland's cultural landscape and are deeply politicised. The use of labels can often be contentious and weaponised, making them a complex form of personal expression. For me, my relationship with labels has been far from linear. For many, their labels are inherited and ...

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Equity and Equality for Recruitment and Retention?

by  Nasima Riazat @NSRiazat How can we be mindful of equity and equality as leaders? What is the difference between the two and how can we develop our existing practice, in view of DEI (Disability Equality & Inclusion) considerations, to remove potential barriers so we can retain talent and support recruitment practices? In this blog ...

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Pay it Forward

by  Heather Reneé Spaeth I am very privileged to have had excellent leader role models in my life.  In recent years, I have been advised that being a leader means you'll be lonely, but I don't think that this has to be true. I have built an excellent personal network of diverse, strong women and femme leaders across the globe. They are my...

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How to Raise Each Other With Authenticity

by Emma Howard @howgeography247 and Gurjeevan Malhi @missmalhislays This is the speech we made at the 2023 WomenEd Unconference with the aim of getting all women to think about how they are raising the women around them. Are we thinking about their strengths and giving them direct feedback on how to get better? Gurjeevan: Well a warm welcome t...

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It’s alright for some - my journey to Headship

by Avani Higgins @avani_higgins As a child I wanted to have blond hair, blue eyes and be called Anne. It's not surprising, and let me tell you why. Growing up in the '60s in Uganda, I remember sitting in the back of my Dad's Cortina and driving past a leisure club. It was tantalising: a crystal clear blue swimming pool and red clay courts fringed w...

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New Connections : #WomenEd Northern Ireland

by Sandra Patterson @sandyzpatterson Belfast hosted the BELMAS (British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society) conference on 14-16 July 2023. @WomenEdNI were invited to attend to host an information stand and also a conference session. Over the weekend the team met educational researchers from around the globe who were resear...

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Reflections on Leadership especially when new in role

by Miriam Hussain @MiriamHussain_ I became a leader in my teacher training year and those first few years of leadership are what I reflect on the most. Initiatives that I did well but more importantly what I could have done better.  Here are my top thoughts.  Mostly, I reflect on how I could have worked smarter and not harder. Communicati...

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That was a year

by Dr Kerry Jordan-Daus @KerryJordanDaus    As I draw breath on this rainy Saturday afternoon, I take this space to look back over my first year as CEO of Veritas Multi Academy Trust. This has been an amazing year, demanding of my depth of leadership experience, but also my self-belief in my leadership skills. Leadership of Learning ...

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Leadership can be scary

By Julie Hunter     @MsHMFL I gave a talk at a #WomenEd conference in January 2022 and only came across my slides again recently. With the background of leaders suffering from accountability measures in England, now seemed like the perfect time for me to put my presentation into a blog. I'd like to credit the beautiful image below to the ...

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Attending a #WomenEd Event on Jersey: Leading with Courage

By Elaine Walker  @ewalkerbyrne As a former journalist, I always loved writing my weekly parenting column, apart from the time I had all three children off with chicken pox and the feature editor chasing me for my column! So when the communications team asked colleagues to blog a bit more, I decided I would seize the opportunity to delive...

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Taking the first steps towards Leadership

By Sarah Moya  @SarahMoya After nearly twenty years of working in education, I find it is difficult to pinpoint where and how my experiences as a female professional differ from my male counterparts when it comes to career progression. Indeed, the subjective nature of my experiences, coupled with the suspicion that to raise them in the workpla...

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The Old Women Club #EmbraceEquity #IWD2023

By Keziah Featherstone   @keziah70     When I was younger and at the start of my career, I fought for myself and I fought for the kids. Having spent the vast majority of my career serving communities experiencing substantial and layered disadvantage, there was much to fight for. With regards to myself, I was a gobby working clas...

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Embracing ALL School Staff #EmbraceEquity #IWD2023

By Sue Prickett    @ruralSBM     The role of School Business Leader (SBL) in schools is often overlooked when describing the make-up of Senior Leadership Teams. Since the growth of the SBL sector joining social media channels, at last colleagues are finding strength and confidence in numbers, but are they finding the right suppo...

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The Path to Equity #EmbraceEquity

By Vivienne Porritt   @ViviennePorritt Our team of Global Strategic Leaders were thrilled we gained Registered Charity status before Christmas. It was even more special as these are the charitable objects we want to achieve: to promote equality and diversity for the public benefit by eliminating discrimination on the grounds of gender by raisi...

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‘You have to see it to be it’: trying to combine motherhood and a career

By Hannah Duncan   @heduncan Combining work and motherhood is possible. It is also possible to thrive and progress in your career. But often, as mother teachers, we feel these things are not possible for us. Too many teachers leave the classroom after becoming mothers (see the MTPTProject's excellent Light Research project where they delve int...

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